Savante is focused on helping organisations get the best from their IT infrastructure.   As an independent advisor, we do not sell any products or equipment.  This ensures we are focussed on your interests, not those of a vendor trying to sell you a solution.  With a small team of IT consultants, contract negotiators, project managers and a hands on delivery team, we are able to take projects from concept to completion.



Whether is working with the board to assess risk, with the business to develop requirements, IT to develop a business case, or providing oversight and project management, we understand that IT is actually about business, not just technology.

In today's world, viewing the problem from an IT perspective alone, is unlikely to yield the value expected by the business.  Only through close engagement between the business and IT can projects expect to meet business needs.  Savante has the experience to engage with the business from Board level down to ensure clear business requirements are defined and outcomes delivered to expectations.



Our clients are usually in finance, telecommunications or government due to their dependence on technology to maintain continuous operations.  Our clients require 24/7 always on technology.  Delivering that in developing markets comes with unique challenges.  Savante has the experience and understanding to meet these challenges ensuring investments both deliver on expectations and provide an appropriate return on investment.